Objectification of women in images


                             Source: http://womenandcrime.wikispaces.com/Images+of+Women+in+Music+Videos

The image posted above is an example of how women are demeaned in the music industry through photo’s.  The rap group Outkast is seen standing above naked women, while they are fully dressed in expensive clothing.  Not only is this image sexist, but it also proves that women are seen an objects.  Rap music is notorious for using half naked women as objects in their videos in order to prove their masculinity.  Similarly, women are stereotyped as purely physical beings that depend on the “rich artist” to take care of them.  Also, this depicts women as only being good for sexual relations.

As a fan of Outkast who has never seen this image before I cannot believe they would endorse this picture.  I understand that many men think women will flock to you when you are successful, but this is not reality.  Not only does this image set a bad precedent for young men, but it also show young women and girls that they are not worthy of respect.  Women deserve respect in all avenues of life.  A women should be known for more that just her body, but also for her self-worth and reputation as a positive member of society.


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