The Objectification of Women in County Music; Depictions of Domestic Violence

Country music is now joining the ranks of the many genres which seem to portray women as sexual objects, solely serving their male counterparts for their enjoyment. In the article “Redneck Crazy’ country song divides listeners”, Cindy Watts and Nate Rau, of The (Nashville) Tennessean, makes the argument that “Domestic violence against women has been present in country music to some extent since the genre’s first breakout star, Fiddlin’ John Carson”. “It’s a shame to whip your wife on Sunday”, is the quote that Cindy Watts and Nate Rau are referring to. However, John Carson isn’t the only Country singer who seems to depict women as objects. Popular Country artist, Tyler Farr states in one of his songs “I’m gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom windows, throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows”. These lyrics aren’t as derogatory as John Carson’s however, they portray women in a negative light with a subtle message. Professor, George Hanrahan states that many aren’t able to notice the objectification of women in this lyric because it is not specifically mentioning the words “rape”, “beating” or “hitting”. Hanarahan makes the argument that while these words are not mentioned, this subtle message still a domestic violence scenario. This article makes the argument that over time through the lyrics of artists like John Carson and Tyler Farr, the public will become desensitized to this type of objectification of women.

Here’s the article:

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