The Music Industry Empowering Women?

A main argument against the argument that the music industry is sexist and degrading to women is that women are actually empowered by today’s norms of the music industry. In the Lava Lizard’s article, Female Sexuality in Music: Empowered or Objectified?, they explore the idea that the portrayal of women as sex objects in the music industry empowers and does not objectify females, and specifically females of color. The article states that with the rise of the second wave feminist movement, “how women expressed their sexuality was no longer orchestrated by standards set by men. Rather, they challenged any models ascribed to them based on previously accepted gender norms, roles and myths, and avowed their own identities with a new sense of self” (Trent 2013). This statement argues that women choose to portray themselves in sexual ways in the music industry because they want to and not because men are objectifying them. As women gained more rights in history, some women in the music industry felt like they were now in charge and portraying themselves as sex objects was empowering. However, what this fails to regard is that men make up the majority of the music industry. Ultimately, the men are still behind the camera and directing women to portray themselves in this objectifying way.

The article also discusses the role of music as a way to express oneself. It suggests that women, who partake in the music industry’s norms of women as sexual objects, are actually expressing their sexuality on their own terms. The article does make a point to remind readers that at the basic level, the music industry is still a product and the main goal is to be sold and make money. With this in mind, it is impossible for this industry to be a self-defining industry where women have the power to express themselves however they want. Behind every woman who may think she is defining herself through her roles in music videos or her lyrics, is a man with the main objection of selling the product. In the end, only products that will sell will be made, and in this age sex sells.

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