Women Objectifying Women

Rihanna’s Pour it up” video is offensive, degrading and objectifies women. In her video, Rihanna was dressed in provocative clothing and is seen as a stripper dancing on poles with other women.


These were some of the few comments posted on the official RihannaVevo page by furious fans in response to the explicit version of her latest video “Pour It Up”:

“Did we really go through years of fighting for women rights, showing that we aren’t sexual objects, only for people like Rihanna to throw it back into history’s face? This generation is doomed with so called ‘role modes’ like her.” —Beckie A******

“I don’t see the fascination with being a piece of meat. Is that not what began the women’s rights movement?” —Gina F******

“All i can think about is the little girls and weak women who will imitate this. really sad. why is she doing this?” —Faith B*****

rihanna-pour-it-upThe content of this article can be found: http://thefeministwire.com/2013/10/sound-off-black-women-writers-respond-to-rihannas-pour-it-up/

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November 11, 2013 · 9:50 pm

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