How do women feel about their misportrayal in the music industry?


Most females will agree that they are being objectified through the music industry, however not all are driven to protest and make change. Why is this so? Arguably, they are discouraged because they feel their opinions will not be taken seriously by the public. A lot of the women that agree that they are being objectified through the music industry also listen to many songs that portray women as sexualy-crazed objects. To the record company owners it appears as though the passion of these women to change the music industry is outweighed by their appreciation of songs that actually objectify women. This is an obvious contradiction that record company owners recognize. Does this contradiction influence the decisions of record company owners to listen to the opinion of women activist groups like FAAN (Fostering Activism and Alternatives Now) Mail or NOW (National Organization for Women)? Of course it does. Something must change.


In article entitled “10 songs that objectify women (That we really love)”, author Annika Harris lays out 10 songs that objectify women that women actually “love”. The first sentence of this article states “We’d like to think we’re bra burning feminists that would be repulsed by songs that refer to a woman’s body parts or her sensual essence, but we’re not.” Annika goes on to say a few sentences later that “sometimes clever lyrics or a banging beat or melody trump our feminist ideals”. If this is true, then we’re at a standstill in our efforts of changing the music industry and making good riddance of the objectification of women. Unless the music industry begins to respect the opinion of women, nothing will change. How may the music industry begin to respect the opinion of women? Unfortunately, many women may have to stop listening to music that is objectifying and begin to convey their dismay for the objectification of women in the music industry.

Link to Annika Harris’s article:

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