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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

In a male dominating industry, female artists are still doing what they can do in order to stay relevant in today’s music industry. The vast majority of female artists like Nicki Manji and Kim Kardashian have become well recognized by their body assets. Both Nicki and Kim like others have enlarged their chest and butts to keep their male fan base.

In today’s society women are the most attractive when they meet a certain expectation created mostly by the media and music videos. In order to audition for any music videos you must have double D’s and a perfect ass. If not, I’m sorry you are just wasting your time. But being realistic, how many females are built to music producers and male artists expectations? Obviously NOT many, therefore, females undergo through plastic surgery in attempts to meet these expectations.  In the article, Plastic Surgery Industry Sees Increase in Butt Augmentations, “statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgery (APAS), more than $31 million was spent in the U.S. alone on buttock augmentation surgeries in 2010, a whopping 40 percent increase from 2009.” Publisher Straith, states that the increase of butt augmentation is a result to the “increase in curvy role models has affected his practice.”



All these female artists and famous video vixen have no other choice but to accept the “norms” of body appearance in today’s society in order to be successful in what they enjoy doing. For example, if you love performing in front of an audience or singing your chances of being accepted in the industry you have to fit the part. Unfortunately, looking the part does not come cheap or easy. It is not fair that women have an expectation to follow, especially when men started these expectations.

What are we teaching our younger generation if they are exposed to what to look like and what not to look like to get them attention?

Is this really fair? Why are women only treated and seen as sex objects? Can’t one be beautiful in their skin? Female artists need to put a stop to such norms and become a better role model to our younger ones. Few artists are already putting this into effect becoming successful with altering their bodies such as Kurreche Tran and Zoe Saldana. They are very petite but amazingly gorgeous and relevant.

Change is not going to come over night, but eventually with time we will see change. Hopefully…




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